Product Review: Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream

I've been trialing the Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream for the last few weeks. I originally heard about it from other MUA’s, it’s a kit staple for many during photoshoots.

As it is an all purpose cream I have incorporated it into my personal skincare, body and makeup prep. It's an opportunity to play around with its texture and longevity.


My favourite ways to use it…

Night cream

The hydrating emollient sinks into the skin leaving it super smooth for the next morning.


It is hydrating and long-lasting, use it before bed or before lippy.


I dab a little bit on the spooly and then brush it through my eyebrows. I then fill in the gaps with my Maybelline brow pencil 


I use it on the ends of my hair to make it look fresher, great for hiding split ends. Do not use it close to the roots it will make your hair look oily.


I apply it under my eyes as an eye cream. If you want to use it under your makeup you need to let it set and seep into the skin well, otherwise you’ll have crease lines.


As a makeup artist I love this product. It is versatile any makeup artist will tell you that if you can use a product in more than one way it is an essential in your kit.

Favourite ways to use it as an artist…


Moisturize lips before application or use it in the centre of your lips to create dimension


Apply a small amount on the high points of the face and collarbones. You can mix the product with some liquid illuminator or simply dab a powdered highlighter on top 

Body moisturizer

Use it to hydrate any exposed skin for photoshoots


It’s a beautiful base for under makeup however, I only recommend this for dry skin as it can appear oily throughout the day

I purchased mine from adore beauty, the tub is 59g and it costs $34.95. It is great value for a multi-purpose product.

There are so many more uses, check-out the website to find out more.

How do you use your Egyptian magic?

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